Why Real Estate Makes For a Smart Investment Strategy

Savvy investors often turn an eye towards real estate as a way to diversify their portfolios and reduce risks. Any investment is a risk, but if you add real estate into the mix, it provides a level of stability because you can typically escape the volatility often associated with the traditional stock market. Check out […]

What Buyers Can Expect During the Home Inspection Process

As a potential homeowner, you want to make certain the property you’re purchasing doesn’t contain major flaws. Most buyers find it’s worth investing in a thorough home inspection before the closing because this is the last chance to discover problems—ones that might be dealbreakers. Here are some suggestions of what your should do and what you can expect during […]

Professionals To Talk With When Buying a Home

Purchasing a house is a major process, but you can go through this process with confidence if you assemble a team of qualified professionals who will help you. Expect to talk with the following professionals at some point during the home-buying process. Real Estate Agent A real estate agent will help you identify potential houses […]

What Contracting Services do New Homeowners Look For?

If you’re a contractor, you should make it a point to look at which homes have recently sold. That’s because in many cases, new homeowners will want some work done on their houses. There are a few key types of projects to keep an eye out for. Remodeling These projects are the most common in […]

Decluttering Before Selling: 5 Tips That Make All the Difference

Clutter makes your house look darker and smaller than it really is, so decluttering is one of the most important things you can do before trying to sell your house. There’s a process to decluttering. If you’re committed to decluttering the right way, these tips will help. 1. Give yourself enough time. Decluttering takes time! Start […]

Love Everything but the Popcorn Ceilings? Here’s What to Do

A true relic of the past, popcorn ceilings have a love it or leave it aesthetic all their own. So, if you recoil in horror at their sight, your love for an otherwise perfect home for sale could start to dwindle. Finding a home that ticks all the boxes is a definite challenge, however. Therefore, […]

Can You Paint with Neutral Colors and Still be Trendy?

When repainting your house’s interior with a sale in mind, you may be torn between the desire to be trendy or to paint in neutral colors. However, these two urges are no longer in opposition. For the last few years, the trend has actually been toward neutral colors. In fact, one of Pantone’s colors for […]

Why Now is a Good Time to Sell Your Northern Virginia Home

As a Northern Virginia homeowner, you probably already know the area you live in is a hot market due to your proximity to federal government agencies, contractors, and other major employers in the area. However, is now a good time to sell? Here we outline three reasons why you might want to consider listing your […]