Love Everything but the Popcorn Ceilings? Here’s What to Do

A true relic of the past, popcorn ceilings have a love it or leave it aesthetic all their own. So, if you recoil in horror at their sight, your love for an otherwise perfect home for sale could start to dwindle.

Finding a home that ticks all the boxes is a definite challenge, however. Therefore, if it’s just the popcorn ceilings holding you back, know that they’re rather easy to fix.

Wondering how to get that job done? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Scrape It Away

Although messy and time-consuming, scraping away the popcorn ceilings gets rid of them for good. All it takes is the application of a removal gel and steady scraping with a wide trowel. After that, it’s just a matter of a whole lot of cleanup and paint to finish the look.

Hide the Popcorn

If your ceilings have enough height, you can play a rousing game of hide the popcorn. You’ll just want to have wood planks, foam panels, or even drop ceilings installed to create a whole new look. Just remember that you’ll lose a little interior space, so do several measurements first.

Update the Paint

Sometimes, popcorn ceilings just look outdated due to their dull, dingy paint. Thankfully, it’s possible to update the paint on your ceiling. Go with a light color that contrasts the walls to make your home look taller and brighter inside.

Ready to Get Started in Eliminating Popcorn Ceilings?

Before you start your popcorn removal project, remember to have an asbestos test performed. Asbestos was the popcorn ceiling making material of choice prior to 1978, after all, so it’s best to test and keep everyone safe.

Even if made out of asbestos, the popcorn doesn’t pose any real risk until you start scraping, drilling, and otherwise disturbing its compounds. If you just choose to update the paint, it’s fine to remain in the home.

After completing the test, you can start dressing up or taking down the popcorn ceilings with help from a general contractor. They will complete the job as instructed, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting to get the results you seek.


Should You Buy a House with Popcorn Ceilings? And How to Remove Them

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