Can You Paint with Neutral Colors and Still be Trendy?

When repainting your house’s interior with a sale in mind, you may be torn between the desire to be trendy or to paint in neutral colors. However, these two urges are no longer in opposition. For the last few years, the trend has actually been toward neutral colors. In fact, one of Pantone’s colors for the year is a particular shade of gray!

Gray is a color that often gives feelings of stability as well as calmness, and in today’s changing times, many people are looking for exactly that. This is a boon to those seeking to sell homes, because it means they can use the neutral palette without seeming boring or out of date. Even prospects who don’t appreciate trendiness will be happy with this safe color in the right rooms.

Of course, too much gray can make an area seem depressing instead of stable. This is likely why Pantone’s other color of the year is a cheery yellow. While the yellow isn’t neutral by any means, a few highlights of it make a great contrast. If you stage your home with accessories, having them cover the yellow aspect works well. You can also use sunny yellow on rugs or other accents to break up the gray without the brightness being overwhelming.

There’s no need to stick with the trend of the year to make a house look good for a sale. Other neutral colors, such as cream or tan, will always have broad appeal as well.

The main thing to do is choose colors that almost everyone can tolerate, and avoid ones that will inspire a love-or-hate response. This way, almost everyone can see moving right in without the need to redo everything first.

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