What Contracting Services do New Homeowners Look For?

If you’re a contractor, you should make it a point to look at which homes have recently sold. That’s because in many cases, new homeowners will want some work done on their houses. There are a few key types of projects to keep an eye out for.


These projects are the most common in high-end areas, but can also be found in locations which occupy the middle ground. Many homeowners find that there are things about their new locations that don’t quite suit them. When those things involve things like small bathrooms or kitchens that are either too open or closed, remodeling is the solution. You may also be called on to add lights, ceiling fans, or other smaller items.


Sometimes, the only way to get into a desirable area for a reasonable price is to buy a fixer-upper. Most people aren’t qualified to do all of the fixing-up on their own, and will contract out the parts they find difficult. When you see that a house like this just sold, be on the lookout for projects like roof rebuilding, chimney rebuilding, rewiring, and re-plumbing.


Many houses, when purchased, aren’t done in the new owner’s preferred colors. Those who want a change will be actively looking for painters. If wallpaper is currently present, its removal will often be on the list, as well.


Many houses are unoccupied for a long time before they’re sold. If any landscape care has been done at all, it usually has been limited to simple mowing. New owners may want trees and bushes removed or planted, have the old lawn replaced with luxurious sod, or even have new walkways put in. If you drive by a newly-sold house that needs landscape work, and you’re in the business, be sure to get in contact with the current owners.

These are just some of the services that new homeowners often look for. Contact us here at Promesa Properties if you need help connecting with potential customers, or if you’re a new arrival and want a contractor’s assistance.

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