Professionals To Talk With When Buying a Home

Purchasing a house is a major process, but you can go through this process with confidence if you assemble a team of qualified professionals who will help you. Expect to talk with the following professionals at some point during the home-buying process.

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will help you identify potential houses of interest, attend showings of those houses, and ultimately help you draft an offer. An agent is one of the first people who you’ll speak with during the home-buying process (see below), and they will assist you all along the entire process.

In addition to helping you find a house, many real estate agents will also help you find the other professionals you need on your team. Agents tend to have recommendations for financing professionals, home inspectors, contractors, etc.

Mortgage Officer

A mortgage officer will help you preapprove for a mortgage — which some real estate agents require you to do before they’ll show you any houses. The mortgage officer will also be your primary contact with the lender, although they’ll pass your file onto others as your mortgage goes through the approval steps.

Home Inspector

Getting a home inspection completed is almost always recommended, as this is the surest way to identify potential issues that a house has. Any issues that are discovered during an inspection may be points of negotiation after your initial offer has been accepted.

Home inspectors offer several different levels of inspection services, ranging from general to specialization. A quality home inspector will help you decide which level of inspection is appropriate for the house you’re trying to purchase.

Real Estate Attorney

The real estate attorney will assist with the actual legal documentation that’s involved when purchasing a house. You may also choose work directly with a title company which is perfectly fine depending on the complexity of the transaction. The real estate attorney will review the official offer, the deed, the mortgage agreement, and other documents. They may also review the title, although you can purchase title insurance.

Insurance Agent

Lenders require homeowners to carry insurance if they finance their house. It’s also wise to insure your house regardless of lender requirement.

An insurance agent can help you find homeowners insurance that provides the protections you want.

You may not work with everyone on the list, and you may certainly work with others during the process, but this is a core group of professionals who assist buyers with their home purchases. Please contact us at Promesa Properties, LLC to talk with someone about buying a house.

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