• Don’t Press Your Luck – Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Buying A First Home
    It’s both exciting and a little scary to buy a home. That feeling of nervousness and not knowing what to expect is normal!   But, what you don’t want to rely on during this process is luck or chance.  Everyone wants the “luck of the Irish” when looking for a home, but it comes down […]
  • High-Efficiency Water Heaters—What You Need to Know
    Before investing in a high-efficiency water heater, it’s important to understand the differences between high-efficiency and standard water heaters. Both are similar in using oxygen from the atmosphere in a combustion process to heat water. However, High-Efficiency Heaters are designed to maximize the heating process more effectively through a sealed combustion process. They provide hot […]
  • Balancing Your Wants and Needs As a Homebuyer This Spring
    Though there are more homes for sale now than there were at this time last year, there’s still an undersupply with fewer houses available than in more normal, pre-pandemic years. The Monthly Housing Market Trends Report from puts it this way:  “While the number of homes for sale is increasing, it is still 43.2% lower than it was before […]
  • Buying a Home May Make More Sense Than Renting.
  • 2 Things Sellers Need To Know This Spring
    A lot has changed over the past year, and you might be wondering what’s in store for the spring housing market. If you’re planning to sell your house this season, here’s what real estate experts are saying you should keep in mind. 1. Houses That Are Priced Right Are Still Selling Houses that are updated and […]
  • Could a Multigenerational Home Be the Right Fit for You?
    During the pandemic, many of us reexamined the meaning of home for ourselves and our loved ones. Today, that can be seen in the recent rise in multigenerational households. According to Jessica Lautz, Deputy Chief Economist and Vice President of Economic Research at the National Association of Realtors (NAR): “Multi-generational buying may be a home where families live in the same home […]
  • How to Prevent Household and Yard Pests
    Wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, bats, and birds are part of nature and can be wonderful to observe. However, they can be troublesome and threaten our health and safety when these creatures invade our property and home. Unwelcome vermin can spread disease, cause structural damage, and inflict bodily injury to humans and pets. Here are […]
  • Foundation Cracks
    Due to shifting soil, water issues, and normal settlement, most foundations will crack. There are different kinds of foundational cracks and varying causes. Once you understand the type of cracks you have and the underlying cause, you’ll be better able to repair them to protect your home.There are two basic types of foundational cracks. They […]
  • Roof Exposure and why it matters
    The direction the front of your home faces will determine the amount of sunlight it receives which has an impact on many elements of your home. There are four types of exposures: Southern, Northern, Eastern, and Western. One is not necessarily better than the other but there are advantages and disadvantages to all.  Southern exposure—When […]
  • The Importance of Attic and Crawlspace Ventilation
    Ventilation provides air circulation crucial to protecting your roof and other structural areas of your home. The attic and crawlspace are two of the most important areas for air to flow freely from the ground to the roof. However, these areas can get easily overlooked because we rarely check the attic or crawlspace for any […]
  • Candle Safety
    Valentines Day means romance and nothing creates an air of romance more than candles. Although candles are great for creating warmth and romance, accidental ignition can lead to property damage, injury, or even death without proper adherence to fire safety. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), thousands of home fires due to candle-burning […]
  • Signs of Plumbing Problems
    It’s important to know how to tell when you have a plumbing problem so that you can address small issues before they become bigger ones. When pipes are left unchecked over time, some common occurrences are exuberant water bills, permanent water damage, the spread of harmful mold, and bursting pipes and sewer lines. The following […]
  • Exterior Home Hazards
    Although we may pay attention to maintenance and safety needs inside the house, outside hazards such as falling tree limbs, mold, infestations, and foundation issues can get overlooked, leading to costly repairs and possible injury. Here are some common risks to look for and tips for keeping your exterior property safe. Wear and tear on […]
  • Home Security Tips For Every Home
    Although today’s homes contain more comforts and conveniences than medieval castles, they usually lack a moat and drawbridge, and an army of sentinels to prevent intrusion. Assuming your home does not have a moat, here are easy ideas to make your property more secure. The most commonly advised and cost-free step is to keep your […]
  • Kitchen Trends for 2023
    Are you tired of facing another year looking at the same humdrum colors, designs, and surfaces in your kitchen? Do you feel materials need to be updated? Like others, you spend much time here prepping, cooking, and entertaining. Consider redecorating for the new year! Peruse the following kitchen design trends for 2023 that many designers […]
  • 12 Tips to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
    Now that the winter months are upon us, do you once again dread another season of sky-high heating and electric bills? Although you may blame this on inflation and other factors that are out of your control, as a homeowner, you have control over how efficiently your home uses energy. To use power more efficiently […]
  • Economical Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Value
    Whether you are looking to move now or may consider it in the future, there are many affordable options for making significant changes to your home without having to do a major renovation. With low-cost purchases of supplies, DIY instructions or professional guidance, and time set aside, you can make improvements that will increase your […]
  • Home Renovation On a Budget – You Got This!
    Are you tired of looking at the drabby paint on your walls, the outdated cabinets, worn furniture, and stained carpets? Your home is overdue to be remodeled, which is on your wish list. However, you are afraid of what the cost might be. Unless you want a major overhaul, you can still spruce up your […]
  • Make Sure Your Home Is Ready for Winter
    If you do not live in a warm, tropical climate, the fall months are the best time to get your home ready for freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and icy conditions that lie ahead in the wintertime. Without the proper care and adherence to a maintenance routine, your living space and appliances are prone to damage that […]
  • Considering Adding a Firepit This Year?
    There are few things that carry the feel of fall like sitting by a fire on a cool autumn night. Of course, not everyone lives somewhere where they can just build a bonfire or even set up a little campfire at a moment’s notice. Fortunately, there are options available for those who want the ambiance […]
  • Choosing Better Paint Colors
    Painting can be a great way to customize your house and make it into a home. Whether you’re just adding a splash of color or redoing entire rooms to match your favorites, a fresh coat of paint is a great way to take a home that you bought and really make it yours. Unfortunately, not […]
  • 4 Ways to Destroy Your Home’s Value
    You’re a homeowner now, you can kiss bland uniformity goodbye the moment you turn your apartment keys over to your now-former landlord. The world is your canvas — at least, that part of the world that you now are obligated to pay a monthly mortgage payment on — and you’re the artist that’ll mold it […]
  • What Is Matter?
    Smart home devices give homeowners a lot of control over the way that their homes function, allowing things like lighting control, home security, and even home automation to be as simple as interacting with an app or using voice controls. Depending on the devices used, you can save money and gain greater peace of mind […]
  • Evicting Animals From Your Chimney
    Having a mouse in the house can be a real pain. The little thing runs around, gets into everything, and generally causes chaos. And that’s just one little mouse. What happens when you have a much larger animal, or a nest of animals, in a harder-to-control area like a chimney? Unfortunately, unwanted animals in chimneys […]
  • HVAC Troubleshooting for Homeowners
    Climate control is one of the greatest inventions of humankind since leavened bread, but when it’s suddenly not working properly, or it stops working all together, your HVAC system can become a massive source of stress and worry. Before you decide to panic, though, consider doing a little troubleshooting of your system. There are several […]
  • Buying a Home With a Rental Unit
    Buying a home can be full of difficult decisions, and as housing prices climb, maybe even more difficult financial planning. For people looking for a different way to help pay for their mortgage every month, choosing a home with an attached rental unit might just provide the monthly bump that makes that payment a little […]
  • Trellising 101: Climb, Plant, Climb!
    Growing a garden is the ultimate act of faith. After all, you never know if your plants will thrive or if they will cease to be long before reaching their full potential. Hopefully, with diligent care, and a little luck, your plants will grow big, strong, and glorious. When it comes to growing climbing plants […]
  • How to Keep Your Ductwork Clean
    Your home’s HVAC system works hard throughout the year. Unfortunately, this can cause it to experience problems over time, often at a time when you’d really rather it not fail on you. This is why yearly maintenance and inspections are recommended, since a little bit of attention now can save you a whole lot of […]
  • Should You Sell or Should You Remodel Your Home?
    Your home, as they say, is where your heart is, and for so many homeowners, it’s a lot more than a saying. Their home is a place where they made so many memories with family and friends, and considering selling it can be extremely painful. But what do you do if your home is no […]
  • How to Pick an Air Compressor
    When you own a home, it’s important to have the tools that are necessary to make little repairs, or even do major DIY if that’s your thing. One of the most useful tools you can add to your collection is an air compressor. An air compressor can do so many things around the house, from […]
  • What Is a Deep Energy Retrofit?
    Owning an older home can be a really amazing experience. Not only do you get to actually live in a slice of history, you’re also there to make decisions about this building that will stay with it potentially for generations to come (no pressure). But it’s not all pink toilets and clawfoot tubs; a lot […]
  • Tips for Your Basement Remodel
    Having a finished basement is a great addition for just about any house. It can give you a place to relax, a play area for your children, or even additional bedroom space if you need it. Some people even use basement areas to create fully furnished workshops, craft rooms, and other furnished DIY areas so […]
  • Is Your Smart Home Spying on You?
    Once upon a time, smart home devices required dedicated hubs and a unique kind of wireless network to operate their various lights, sensors, and switches. With the popularity of digital assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant, though, it was only a matter of time before they became a dominant force in smart […]
  • Considering Building a Wine Cellar?
    Whether you enjoy an occasional glass of wine or consider yourself a connoisseur, you know the importance of storing your wine properly. Wine is perishable after all, so unless you buy wine only when you plan on drinking it, you need a good place to keep your bottles until you’re ready for them. Some people […]
  • Let Your Lawn Grow!
    Keeping a well-manicured lawn is a goal for many homeowners. That nice crisp look of freshly trimmed grass can really improve the appearance of your home and surrounding property, and there’s just something to be said for the lush green color of a healthy lawn. But what if your lawn isn’t quite as healthy as […]
  • What can you do with your Home’s Equity?
    If you’re like a lot of long-time homeowners, you’ve probably got a great deal of home equity on your hands right now. If you’ve been considering putting it to work, it’s still a decent time to take out a second mortgage or a HELOC, even as rates are starting to rise. Having so much home […]
  • What’s Up With Electric Lawnmowers?
    Maintaining your lawn is one of the summer’s big tasks. Depending on the size of your property, this could require just a few quick loops with a push mower, or it could take a good part of the day on a riding mower. Even homeowners who just use a small lawnmower are starting to feel […]
  • Common Reasons Closings Get Delayed
    Buying a home can be one of the most heart-wrenching and nauseating adventures of your life. But once closing is scheduled, that’s it, right? The stomach-in-your-throat feeling should go away and all is smooth sailing. Well, not always. There are many reasons closings may get delayed. Don’t let this list get you down, but it’s […]
  • Tips for Adding Your First A/C
    The weather is heating up, and so is your house. In many areas, this summer may be yet another record-breaker, and the thought of adding an air conditioner to your climate control system has probably crossed your mind more than once. But how do you get started with such an undertaking? What should you keep […]
  • Do Plants Help Sell a Home?
    When you’re looking to sell your house, there are a lot of little things that you can do to increase the likelihood that some prospective buyer is going to make an offer. Many of the tips you’ll find to improve your home’s appeal focus on things inside the house, ranging from paint colors to furniture […]
  • More Smart Ways to Automate Your Home
    In the early days of home automation, getting your home set up typically required buying a central hub that your devices could connect to and coordinating everything from there. In some cases, you might have even needed multiple hubs, since not all devices worked on the same network. While automation hubs and alternate networks still […]
  • New to Gardening? Tips for Success!
    Having a garden is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while also getting some delicious fresh-grown fruits and vegetables for your meals. The thing is, if you’ve never maintained a garden before then you might not realize just how much work goes into it as well. You need to consider the type of soil […]
  • Reducing DIY Project Waste
    There are several reasons why you might choose to take on a DIY project. You may decide to do something yourself because you think it will be an easy project, or because you enjoy working with your hands. You might even consider doing a DIY project because you think it would save you a lot […]
  • Carving Out Your Home Office Space
    When COVID-19 emerged, a lot of employers realized the advantage of allowing at least some employees to work from home. Not only can it act as a benefit for employees, but it can also help to reduce the cost of stocking and maintaining a physical office space. As a result, the number of people working […]
  • Resurfacing Countertops: An Introduction
    A nice countertop can really make your kitchen stand out. Unfortunately, your counters tend to get a lot of use over their lifetime and can really start to show that wear as they age. Conventional wisdom often suggests that when your counters start to stand out because of their stains or damage then it’s likely […]
  • Does My Heat Pump or A/C Need Replacing?
    Summer is just around the corner, and for a lot of homeowners, that means having to run the air conditioner or heat pump around the clock just to keep ahead of climbing temperatures. These tools are amazing for keeping things cool, but after a while, they too can get worn out and need replacing. Do […]
  • Do I need flood Insurance?
    Insurance is a great thing to have when the unexpected occurs. Unfortunately, it’s very rare to find a policy that covers every possible thing that might happen to your home; some incidents such as natural disasters typically require separate policies that cover the specific damages that can occur when these sorts of things happen. A […]
  • Growing Up: Getting Your Vertical Garden Ready for Spring
    When you don’t have a lot of space or open ground around your home, planting a garden might seem impossible. After all, plants need room to grow and soil to grow in, don’t they? While this is true, there is more than one way to get a garden growing. If you have limited outdoor space […]
  • Selling Your Home for the First Time? Here’s What You Should Know
    There’s a lot of advice available for first-time homebuyers. But, what if you’re getting ready to sell a home for the first time? While every home selling process is different, making it impossible to predict every scenario that could pop up, there are certain things every home seller can expect. Here are four things to […]
  • Heart Set on a Fixer-Upper? Here’s What to Consider
    Reality TV shows make buying a fixer-upper seem like a piece of cake. After about 30 to 40 minutes of airtime, renovations are complete—often after remedying a minor hiccup or two—and the home is move-in ready. But tackling a fixer-upper in real life is a different story. For starters, it can be difficult to find […]
  • What is a Mesh Network
    Chances are, you use the internet for a number of different things during the course of your day. The internet plays a key role in everything from gaming and entertainment to social interaction and even work these days, so it’s important that you have a reliable internet connection. Depending on the layout and even the […]
  • Are Fixer-Upper Homes Worth the Investment?
    Is Buying a Fixer-Upper Home to Move Into a Good Idea? If you’re looking for a fixer-upper to live in, you might be wondering if the benefits are worth the tradeoffs. Today we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of these homes to aid in your decision of whether or not fixer-uppers are worth […]
  • How Much Down Payment Do You Need to Buy Your First Home?
    Many would-be homebuyers have found themselves waiting on the sidelines because they believe they don’t have enough saved for a down payment. Complicating matters are all the common misconceptions, often reinforced by unsolicited advice from family and friends. One of the most prevalent myths is you need to save 20% of a home’s purchase price for a down […]
  • Why It’s Important Not to Overprice Your Home
    Why Correct Home Pricing Matters Most home sellers aim for two objectives: 1) to get the best possible price and 2) to sell their property as quickly as possible. When setting a price, people sometimes mistakenly overprice with the thought of “testing” the market. Unfortunately, this strategy often fails. Reasons Homeowners Overprice Their Homes Homeowners […]
  • 9 Easy Ways to Save For Your First Home
    A home is almost certain to be the largest personal purchase you make in your lifetime. While you may have the ability to make your mortgage payments once you’ve purchased a new home, pulling together enough money to cover the down payment and closing costs can be a challenge. Here are some tips for coming […]
  • Why Real Estate Makes For a Smart Investment Strategy
    Savvy investors often turn an eye towards real estate as a way to diversify their portfolios and reduce risks. Any investment is a risk, but if you add real estate into the mix, it provides a level of stability because you can typically escape the volatility often associated with the traditional stock market. Check out […]
  • Is it a Good Idea to Buy a House Now?
    The real estate market ran white hot last year and it’s still pretty balmy, so you may wonder if it’s a good idea to buy a house now. I am sure you’ve read more than once that it’s definitely a great time to sell, with many areas having seen all-time highs over the last year! […]
  • What Buyers Can Expect During the Home Inspection Process
    As a potential homeowner, you want to make certain the property you’re purchasing doesn’t contain major flaws. Most buyers find it’s worth investing in a thorough home inspection before the closing because this is the last chance to discover problems—ones that might be dealbreakers. Here are some suggestions of what your should do and what you can expect during […]
  • Professionals To Talk With When Buying a Home
    Purchasing a house is a major process, but you can go through this process with confidence if you assemble a team of qualified professionals who will help you. Expect to talk with the following professionals at some point during the home-buying process. Real Estate Agent A real estate agent will help you identify potential houses […]
  • What Contracting Services do New Homeowners Look For?
    If you’re a contractor, you should make it a point to look at which homes have recently sold. That’s because in many cases, new homeowners will want some work done on their houses. There are a few key types of projects to keep an eye out for. Remodeling These projects are the most common in […]
  • Decluttering Before Selling: 5 Tips That Make All the Difference
    Clutter makes your house look darker and smaller than it really is, so decluttering is one of the most important things you can do before trying to sell your house. There’s a process to decluttering. If you’re committed to decluttering the right way, these tips will help. 1. Give yourself enough time. Decluttering takes time! Start […]
  • Love Everything but the Popcorn Ceilings? Here’s What to Do
    A true relic of the past, popcorn ceilings have a love it or leave it aesthetic all their own. So, if you recoil in horror at their sight, your love for an otherwise perfect home for sale could start to dwindle. Finding a home that ticks all the boxes is a definite challenge, however. Therefore, […]
  • Can You Paint with Neutral Colors and Still be Trendy?
    When repainting your house’s interior with a sale in mind, you may be torn between the desire to be trendy or to paint in neutral colors. However, these two urges are no longer in opposition. For the last few years, the trend has actually been toward neutral colors. In fact, one of Pantone’s colors for […]
  • Why Now is a Good Time to Sell Your Northern Virginia Home
    As a Northern Virginia homeowner, you probably already know the area you live in is a hot market due to your proximity to federal government agencies, contractors, and other major employers in the area. However, is now a good time to sell? Here we outline three reasons why you might want to consider listing your […]
  • Should You Fully Renovate an Old House Yourself, or Sell it as a Fixer-Upper?
    If you have a house that needs a lot of repairs, you may wonder if it’s worth it to have it fixed up or even totally redone before a sale. The answer is not as simple as some may make it seem. Instead, it depends on your budget and your priorities. It is very possible […]
  • Remember to Spruce Up Your Entire Property Prior to Selling Your House
    When you’re getting ready to sell your house, it’s no wonder if most of your attention is focused on the building itself. However, the initial impression that the exterior gives people is one of the most important factors in determining whether you’ll get good offers. Because of this, you should pay attention not only to […]
  • Can You Sell Your Home During the Winter Holidays?
    There are some who believe that it’s a waste of time to try to sell your home during the winter holidays. Supposedly, everyone is so consumed with shopping, decorating and hosting or attending parties that they put their home buying plans on hold. However, that is simply not true. In fact, many experts say that […]
  • Some Key Considerations When Buying a New Home
    When it’s time to buy a house, there are several things to think about besides your financing or ability to get a mortgage. In fact, these two factors should only form the borders of your decision. Within those borders, there are other important factors that will determine how much you enjoy your new home. 1. […]
  • Refresh Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank!
    As a seller, you want to showcase your kitchen as best you can without breaking the bank. If you’re a homeowner, you might be tired of looking at a dingy kitchen. To refresh your space without breaking the bank, try these four easy improvements you can make. 1. Add a Coat of Paint A fresh coat of […]
  • Easy Ways to Stage Your Home
    If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s important that potential buyers see it looking its very best. First impressions are important, and that includes marketing your home—especially in a market where buyers often view a home just once before deciding whether to make an offer. If hiring a professional stager is not in your […]
  • Ready to Buy? Here Are 5 Questions to Consider.
    Buying your first home is a huge step. To be sure you’re prepared, here are five questions you should ask before embarking on your home search: 1. Does your financial picture support your requested mortgage amount? Your lender will compute your debt-to-income ratio to determine how much house you can afford. He or she does […]
  • Before you buy…
    If you’re in the market for your first home, you likely know the financial preparation that goes into the process. Before you tour your first property, you should reach out to one or more mortgage lenders to learn how much home you can afford and what you will need by way of a down payment. […]
  • Getting Your Offer Accepted!
    If you’re in the market to buy your first home in the greater DC area, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot of competition out there. Currently, there’s still a high demand for homes but a still a low inventory—and this remains true not just across the DC area, but across the entire country. So, what are […]
  • 3 Reasons to Move Now Rather Than Later
    A lot of people put off making big decisions in life. When it comes to moving, though, it’s usually better to move now rather than put it off until later. The very fact that you’re even considering moving typically means that you’re ready to go, even if the idea is still percolating in your subconscious. […]
  • Stay Organized in Your New Home From the Moment You Unpack
    There’s plenty of advice on how to make moving more efficient and less stressful. Endless checklists, tips for organizing and reminders for moving day are all in ample supply. But what about after the move? The excitement of purchasing your new home can start to fade when you find yourself surrounded by a mountain of […]
  • Make Fall Time You Time!
    The autumn equinox is upon us. Even though we don’t “fall back” on the clocks until Daylight Savings Time resets on November 7, fall traditionally ushers in a new perspective. For some, it’s holiday preparations; for others, it’s simply a time to rethink priorities and  reorganize schedules in preparation for the coming months of shorter days and […]
  • New Trends in Wall Colors?
    According to leading interior designers, the trying times of the past 18 months are spearheading a trend toward natural surroundings and earth-inspired colors for fall and beyond. Leading paint manufacturers concur in that opinion, and have introduced new home color palettes that are drawn from the warm brown tones of dirt and tree trunks, the […]
  • Just What Is the Appraisal Gap?
    No, it’s not a physical chasm, but it is real. Mortgage lenders require a current property appraisal as part of the loan process. Normally, that is protection for both the lender and the purchaser. However, in a hot real estate market — which is today’s reality in most of the nation — the appraisal can be lower than the amount actually […]
  • You Bought a Home and Moved In! Congrats! Now What?
    After you’ve unpacked your boxes and made your first cup of tea or coffee in your new home, finish the moving-in process by completing the following steps. 1. Make a Great First Impression Your new neighbors are probably just as excited about your moving in as you are. They’ll be watching to see what kind […]
  • Home as Your Happy Place
    Home can be a haven, an idea or a solid reality, and no single definition serves to describe exactly what home means to each of us. In uncertain times, we all tend to think of home as a refuge, and a place of safety. In these uncertain times, there may be no better way to […]
  • The Myth of Curb Appeal: Look Deeper
    In today’s robust real estate market, there is a tendency to believe that all properties will sell quickly and for top dollar. The truth is, however, that there are bargains to be had, if you’re willing to consider a fixer-upper. Some homes languish on the market today because they are sorely lacking in curb appeal, […]
  • Has the Pandemic Changed Your Future Home?
    A serious question today might be “What did we learn from the pandemic?” Here are some general takeaways that seem to have made their way into current lifestyles. The Need to Interact and Communicate Videoconferencing is a way of life. And it is as important to your family as it is to a business. Join […]
  • Fall Checkups: As Vital as Spring Cleaning
    Spring cleaning was once a household tradition, designed to freshen a home’s interior after a long winter. Even though spring cleaning isn’t the family ritual it once was, many homeowners still feel the urge to deep clean their interiors, trim trees and spruce up planting beds when spring is just around the corner. But those same owners sometimes […]
  • Sell Now, Move Later — Another Option?
    There are many reasons for wanting to sell a home quickly. There are also some good reasons for delaying a move, and you might think it’s not possible to have both. But, think again. The truth is that your buyer may not want or need immediate occupancy for some of the same reasons you don’t […]
  • Is Now Really the Time to Buy?
    Now’s the time to buy, prices are high, interest rates are low, it’s a hot market, costs are rising. You’ve heard it all before, right? So, how do you really know when it’s time? The truth is that, based on your current needs and individual inclinations, there are only a few possible scenarios when it’s definitely not […]
  • Wall Décor That Goes Beyond Paintings
    If you have a blank wall in your living room that’s crying out to become a focal point, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a framed piece of art to make it a showstopper. Just get creative! Here are five favorite ideas, whether you’re staging a house to sell, just moving in to new “digs,” […]
  • A Buyer’s Agent is Vital in Today’s Real Estate Market
    The news is bursting with how the real estate market is rebounding. Homes are selling quickly, and in many instances, for prices that are higher than list. As the country continues to bounce back from the devastation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s evident that the current real estate market is quite complicated for […]
  • Looking towards Retirement
    There is no doubt that the past year and a half of pandemic has had unprecedented impact on all aspects of life and commerce, from schooling and employment to retirement plans. The lifestyles of most Americans, particularly those who are nearing retirement age, have been seriously shaken. Post-COVID lifestyles may never seem normal again, and […]
  • Should You Buy A Fixer Upper Or A Move-In Ready Home?
    When you are in the market for a home, one of your biggest decisions will be whether you should buy one that is move-in ready or a fixer-upper.  While both have advantages and disadvantages, there are certain factors you should consider to make sure your home buying experience is everything you expected. Budget Constraints If […]
  • New Construction — A Viable Option in a Tight Market
    Whether you look upon house hunting as an adventure or a chore, there are some who would tell you that building a new home is a recipe for disaster. But others insist that building new is the best way to get the home of your dreams at the best possible price. What is the truth? There may […]
  • Is an FHA Loan Right for You?
    Looking to buy a home? If so, then you’re probably in the process of exploring your financing options. One popular mortgage option that you won’t want to overlook is that of a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan, which is especially popular among first-time buyers. Specifically, an FHA loan is one that is backed by the […]
  • A Few Factors that Affect a Home Renovation
    Whether a homeowner decides to tackle a home renovation one project at a time or they take a whole home approach, there are factors that can affect the cost of the remodel. Knowing these and understanding their roles can help homeowners plan better. Location The location of the home is not only a factor during […]
  • DC Area Neighborhoods You Need to Watch
    The DC area has a great deal to offer those who choose to live there. With lots of history, cultural options, vibrant nightlife and culinary choices, the region is served by excellent schools and an expansive subway system. While each neighborhood in Northern Virginia and Washington DC has something to offer its inhabitants, the following […]
  • 2021 Northern Virginia Real Estate Forecast
    Northern Virginia, and the rest of the DC area was on par with much of the nation in terms of its real estate market in 2020. However, this year is shaping up to be one that is full of promise that is being fueled by three primary issues: 1. Rental vacancies are falling While some […]
  • What Are VA Loans?
    We recently exchanged some great dialogue with the folks at Money about an area of mutual passion: housing for active-duty and veteran service members. VA loans were primarily discussed, including their advantages and the underuse of these loans by those who are eligible to benefit from them.   Money was gracious enough to provide key […]
  • Selling Your Home? Don’t Overlook Curb Appeal!
    Now is a great time to list a home in Northern Virginia. There is currently a high demand and low supply of residential properties for sale—which makes the market very competitive. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see homes fly off the market in just a day or two! Still, if you’re looking to sell […]
  • Don’t overlook the corner lot
    While looking for a house to buy, you might find yourself shying away from corner lots more often than not. There’s no doubt about it: Corner lots get a bad rap, but they are often an excellent place to live if you like to spend time outside, entertain guests, and make friends with your neighbors. […]
  • Will Virtual Staging Last Beyond the Pandemic?
    Virtual staging has been a game changer when it comes to helping potential buyers visualize their lives in a particular home — even as society attempts to successfully navigate the new normal the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in. Similarly, having the tools to deliver an experience comparable to what buyers expect has allowed sellers to […]
  • Keep Your Pet Safe on Moving Day
    Moving day can be confusing for pets. They can’t understand why “strangers” are coming into the home, removing all the furnishings that the pet has become familiar with over the years. In some cases, pets have been known to run off in a panic, leaving owners devastated. All you need to do to prevent the stress […]
  • Planning a Move? Recycle What You Don’t Need
    Before you list your home for sale, you’ll want to “declutter” and remove personal items from your home. Sorting your belongings and preparing for a move can be the most difficult part of moving, right? But you can simplify it by starting early to pare down and clear out. Gift special friends with items that […]