Will Virtual Staging Last Beyond the Pandemic?

Virtual staging has been a game changer when it comes to helping potential buyers visualize their lives in a particular home — even as society attempts to successfully navigate the new normal the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in. Similarly, having the tools to deliver an experience comparable to what buyers expect has allowed sellers to efficiently close on their homes.

Using Virtual Staging to Connect Buyers with Their New Home

With both adequate hygiene and social distancing measures still top of mind for all, virtual staging enables the real estate industry to effectively adapt to them without compromising its ability to meet the continued demand of the market. The technology available to conduct virtual staging continuing to evolve, enabling sellers to create a unique staging design. This ability means the property’s details can be highlighted, so an emotional connection can be built.

Advantages Extend Beyond the Pandemic

While the advantages of virtual staging are especially evident during the pandemic — namely the ability of the presentation of the home to be done in such a way that the buyer can envision living there — its usefulness goes far beyond that. By using digital tools, the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to staging a home. Enhancing the home is as simple as adding light here or changing the paint color for that room, for example.

Staging a home in this manner also helps reduce costs, save time and make efficient use of resources. Traditional home staging can take weeks and hundreds of manpower hours to complete. With virtual staging, the time commitment could be reduced to days instead of weeks.

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