Don’t overlook the corner lot

While looking for a house to buy, you might find yourself shying away from corner lots more often than not. There’s no doubt about it: Corner lots get a bad rap, but they are often an excellent place to live if you like to spend time outside, entertain guests, and make friends with your neighbors. Interested in learning more? Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of buying a house on a corner lot.

Enjoy a Bigger Yard

Corner lots often come with a lot bigger yard than similar homes in the area. Both the side yard and front get a boost in space, giving you even more room for all your favorite outdoor activities. You can grow a huge garden, extend your porch for entertaining, or just use all that extra space to play badminton, croquet, and other fun games. If you have dogs, they’ll definitely appreciate the extra space when they need to get their zoomies out.

Get More Parking Space

When you live on a corner lot, you have even more room for parking since you have curbs along the front and side of the house. You can then invite all your family and friends over for dinner, movies, and game night without worry about where everyone will park their vehicles. If you’re into cars, you can also use that space to park your project car as you finetune your stable of vehicles.

Meet Tons of People

A corner lot often gets a lot of foot traffic as your neighbors walk their dogs and stretch their legs each day. Just by sitting out on the patio, you can meet tons of new people and gain newfound friendships fast. Your wave and friendly hello can quickly turn into rewarding conversations that brighten up your day and make it worthwhile living in a house on the corner.

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