Keep Your Pet Safe on Moving Day

Moving day can be confusing for pets. They can’t understand why “strangers” are coming into the home, removing all the furnishings that the pet has become familiar with over the years. In some cases, pets have been known to run off in a panic, leaving owners devastated. All you need to do to prevent the stress and confusion is to be aware and take a few precautionary steps to keep your pet safe on moving day.

What To Do On Moving Day

Before movers arrive, set up a safe haven for your pet. It can be inside a bathroom, in a shed or garage or a bedroom. The only caveat is that it needs to be a room where the movers don’t need access. Put down the pet’s bed or a familiar blanket, bowls of water and food and a litter box if necessary. Close the door and lock it if possible. If not, place a large handwritten sign on the door that says, “Do Not Enter – Pet Inside.” The movers will have experience with this situation and won’t open the door. Be sure to check on your pet throughout the day to ensure they are comfortable.

Traveling to Your New Home

Depending upon your pet’s experience with traveling, they may be nervous about traveling to your new home. Even experienced pet travelers may be uneasy due to the change in routine on moving day. Use a pet carrier or pet car divider for the safety of you and your family. Keep a collar and leash on your pet during transport. Do not let your pet off their leash until you’re safely inside the new home with the doors and windows closed.

After You Arrive

Our pet will be confused about the new environment. Even at this point, there is a chance that the pet may run away out of fright and confusion. Your best step is to keep your pet safely indoors for at least a week after you arrive, or until you’re sure they are acclimated to the new home. After that, depending on your usual routine, it may be safe to allow your pet into the backyard so they can enjoy their new outdoor territory.

Remember, the more attention you can give your pet during the move, the safer they will feel. Try to keep up as many regular routines as possible. If you do all this, your pet will feel safe and secure throughout the moving experience!

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