Planning a Move? Recycle What You Don’t Need

Before you list your home for sale, you’ll want to “declutter” and remove personal items from your home.

Sorting your belongings and preparing for a move can be the most difficult part of moving, right? But you can simplify it by starting early to pare down and clear out.

Gift special friends with items that have had meaning for you. They’ll be surprised at your thoughtfulness and happy to have a special remembrance of shared good times. Then, resolve to keep in touch after you move.

Seek out local agencies that will put your unwanted items to good use. In many cases, old clothing, worn household goods and even damaged furniture can be repaired or repurposed and might be much appreciated by someone else.

Who to Contact

A number of service organizations and charities in every city operate resale stores, thrift shops or repair workshops for cast-off furniture, appliances, yard care equipment and home accessories. If you have a vacuum cleaner, a lawnmower, a light fixture, a bed or a dining room table in need of repair or refinishing, consider donating it to such an outlet.

Habitat for Humanity, Amvets, Salvation Army and local churches will often schedule pickups at your home.

Sell Your Stuff

If you have time and can get organized, hold a garage sale. People will pay pocket change for half-empty cans of paint and half-used rolls of Christmas paper! You might not make much, but you won’t be cluttering up the landfill, and it will make you smile to know someone else will use things you would throw away.

List usable items on Craigslist or Facebook “free for pickup.”

Pack up clothes, old sports equipment, toys, mismatched dishes, bedding, artwork and decorative accessories that you no longer want and take them to a local shelter. Chances are they’ll put them to good use. Request a donation receipt for tax purposes.

If you have old furniture, stained rugs and other items that you can’t sell or give away, put them on the curb with a “Free” sign next to them. You might be surprised at what strangers will cart away.

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