Look Beyond These “Imperfections” to Find the Home of Your Dreams

Too many people get distracted by things that don’t really matter when touring homes for sale. While more than “the bones of the house” matters, some things can and should be safely ignored. Here are some “imperfections” that you should overlook to find the home of your dreams.

1. Torn or Stained Carpeting

Many times, homeowners who know they’re going to be listing their house for sale stop making improvements. If the carpet in the house you’re looking at is unsightly, stained or even torn, don’t give it a second thought. Chances are you’d be replacing the carpeting anyway, no matter what condition it was in.

2. Diabolical Wall Colors

Once you start looking at homes in earnest, you’ll be shocked at some of the wall paint colors that people choose. Just keep in mind that a can of really high quality paint is still really cheap, and walls can easily be painted over during a weekend.

3. Zero Curb Appeal

They say curb appeal can help sell a home but some homeowners haven’t got the memo. If the home has a broken lamppost, no shrubbery and just basically zero curb appeal, who cares? This can be your first pet project after you buy the home. Besides, it’s easy to plant flowers, install a new porch light and maybe even hang shutters. Don’t let zero curb appeal keep you from finding your dream home!

4. Dated Kitchen

If you or your spouse enjoy cooking, then having a modern kitchen with nice appliances is probably on your list of must-haves. But a dated kitchen only means that it needs a cosmetic revamp. Think about how nice it would be to finally design your kitchen to your specifications, not have to make-do just because the former owner liked it a certain way.

When looking at homes to buy, try not to be swayed by unimportant imperfections that really don’t matter in the long run. Most new homeowners spend time and money fixing up the home they way they want, anyway. What you should be looking at is the layout, structure, size and location, as well as anything the home inspector picks up on. Other than that, you can safely ignore these little imperfections!

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