Make Fall Time You Time!

The autumn equinox is upon us. Even though we don’t “fall back” on the clocks until Daylight Savings Time resets on November 7, fall traditionally ushers in a new perspective. For some, it’s holiday preparations; for others, it’s simply a time to rethink priorities and  reorganize schedules in preparation for the coming months of shorter days and cooler temperatures.

The changes don’t necessarily mean hibernation. This year, why not take the opportunity to stretch the boundaries of your imagination, exercise your mind, or learn a new skill?

The possibilities are endless!

Start a Collection

The only requirement is that you collect interesting items that make you smile — heart shaped stones to place in your garden, vintage birdhouses, old tools, unmatched wine glasses or antique post cards. Haunt garage sales, flea markets and auctions for the things that interest you. You’ll have a great time looking for bargains and you’ll have endless stories to share with friends.

Trace Your Ancestry

Wondering about your ancestors? Who doesn’t? If you don’t know much about your family history beyond your grandparents, it can be a fascinating journey to trace your family back a few more generations. You may find that the crooked limbs and tangled branches of your family tree are endlessly fascinating. Wonderful online resources are available, and you can access many records free of charge. Join a genealogy group in your community, or get your extended family involved. Be sure to involve your kids as well. Youngsters will love helping you draw that family tree!

Become a Student

Fall is traditionally “back to school” time. And that doesn’t have to change just because you grow older. Take advantage of indoor time this fall and winter to pursue an interest in art and culture, whether classical or contemporary. Technology is your friend, with a mind-boggling array of digital classes and online resources available. Learn oil-painting techniques, master cooking and baking skills with noted chefs, or practice yoga and martial arts with the masters. Enroll in a Great Books program or travel the world virtually with well-known tour guides.

There are so many great options, you might just wish winter could last all year! Binge-watch your favorite old TV shows if  you must, but explore new avenues when you can.

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