New Trends in Wall Colors?

According to leading interior designers, the trying times of the past 18 months are spearheading a trend toward natural surroundings and earth-inspired colors for fall and beyond. Leading paint manufacturers concur in that opinion, and have introduced new home color palettes that are drawn from the warm brown tones of dirt and tree trunks, the blues of sky and water, and the greens of leafy vegetation. It’s a broad spectrum of subtle nature-inspired hues, with a smattering of yellow, gold or salmon to warm things up a bit.

The forecast for 2021, with an emphasis on saturated color — bright red, yellow and orange, deep purple and lively greens, even ripe fruit tones — seemed out-of-place in a time of continuing pandemic. The gray and storm-kissed charcoal and deep blue of previous seasons seemed cold and foreboding, and the watery pastels of the past appeared lifeless.

If you now think it’s time to move on, after months of conflicting health directives and continuing uncertainties about the future of travel and togetherness, go for it! Renew and refresh your rooms with colorful personality that will enliven your home life. With fresh, soothing, nature-inspired color on the walls and some new accessories, you’ll find that home can, indeed, be your refuge from the world, your shelter from the storm, and your comfort for the future.

If you follow the trends, you also know that home decor can be a catalyst for trending colors in other products — from automobiles to outerwear, ties to tennis shoes, cosmetics to kitchen appliances. This year, it’s not as much a color revolution as an evolution, a return to “honest colors” and simpler times. Look for the new palette to be introduced in home accessories and clothing in coming months.

Many of us who transitioned to home offices, homemade cooking and at-home activities during the pandemic have found new delight in that “old-fashioned” lifestyle. If that’s your experience, embrace this realization and take the time this fall to rethink your surroundings.

If a part of your planning involves buying or selling a home, it can be especially important to look at emerging color and design trends. Here’s a valuable resource you can explore online at your leisure.



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