Stay Organized in Your New Home From the Moment You Unpack

There’s plenty of advice on how to make moving more efficient and less stressful. Endless checklists, tips for organizing and reminders for moving day are all in ample supply.

But what about after the move?

The excitement of purchasing your new home can start to fade when you find yourself surrounded by a mountain of packing boxes with no idea where to begin. You’re probably starting to understand why so many new homeowners have unpacked boxes for months—and even years—past their move-in date.

Seeing your new home disorganized and messy because of all the boxes can be overwhelming. Plus, unpacking everything is tedious work.

The good news is, just as there are ways to make your move go more smoothly, there are also ways that unpacking can be made efficient. Here are some quick tips to get unpacked and organized in your new home:

Second chances

You may think an item will go perfectly in your new home, only to later found out that’s not the case. Or, maybe you just got fatigued toward the end of packing and ended up bringing things you should have thrown out or donated. Unpacking gives you a second chance to purge. Evaluate each item as you take it out of the box and get rid of those that are unwanted or unneeded.

Unpack one room at a time

If you followed one of the first rules of moving, you’ve got each box marked with the room where it belongs. When you unpack, concentrate on just one room at a time to keep from becoming overwhelmed. Once you’ve unpacked all your essentials, start with the kitchen and make your way through the house until everything is unpacked. Be careful not to get distracted and start unpacking in a room before you’ve finished in another.

Organize before unpacking

Have a game plan in place to make best use of storage areas. Take stock of your closets and cabinets. Before you begin unpacking, purchase bins, organizers and trays to keep everything accessible and in its place.

Packing for a move may have opened your eyes to how quickly clutter can accumulate. Moving to a new home offers a fresh slate, starting with staying organized while unpacking.

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