Helping Kids Adjust to the Move

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, it will be a major change to not only your life, but also that of your kids. However, while you may be looking forward to the move, your kids may be a bit apprehensive. To make sure your kids can adjust to the move in a positive manner, here are some things you can do along the way.

Acknowledge Your Child’s Feelings

While some kids may look at the move as a new adventure, others may be wondering what the future will hold. Yet regardless of how your children are viewing the move, make it a point to acknowledge their feelings and discuss the changes ahead. From attending a new school to learning their way around a new area, talking it out will give your kids peace of mind.

Stick to the Same Schedule

Leading up to the move, try to keep your child’s schedule the same if at all possible. By doing so, they will be more relaxed as moving day approaches, and will be well-rested from getting a normal amount of sleep.

Plan Some Fun Activities

Prior to moving day, sit down with your kids and make plans for some fun activities once you arrive at your new destination. These can include such things as finding the best pizza place, visiting a nearby playground, or going shopping at a favorite store. Once your kids know they have a few things to already look forward to in their new location, chances are they will be a bit more eager to see the moving van arrive.

Make a Scrapbook

Finally, you can make a scrapbook with your kids documenting your move. By including photos of your current home and other things your kids hold near and dear to their hearts, they can start to not only think about the wonderful memories they have of their current home, but also of how much fun they will have creating new ones once they get settled in at their new home.

By using these tips during your family’s move, you’ll lessen the stress levels of your kids as you pack up your belongings, get in the car, and begin the journey toward a new chapter in your lives.

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