Signs of Plumbing Problems

It’s important to know how to tell when you have a plumbing problem so that you can address small issues before they become bigger ones. When pipes are left unchecked over time, some common occurrences are exuberant water bills, permanent water damage, the spread of harmful mold, and bursting pipes and sewer lines. The following are some things to look for to tell if you have a plumbing issue that needs attention. 

Your faucet is making strange noises—A loud sound like a screech when you use the tap is a sign there is air in your pipes that signifies something is not right with your bleed-off system. This system allows fresh water to enter while reducing the buildup of mineral concentrations. 

Unpleasant smell in the drain—If you only detect a rotten smell in the kitchen sink drain, this could be due to lodged decaying food fragments. However, if the odor comes from all your drains, your drain vent may be clogged, allowing sewer gas to back up into your pipes. Consult with a professional plumber to pinpoint the problem.

Low water pressure—Several issues could be causing this, such as a leak, a clog in multiple places, or inadequately-sized pipes that provide poor water pressure.
Slow drainage—Clogs are common occurrences that can be fixed with a drain-clearing liquid or tool. However, if this process does not yield results after multiple attempts, contact a professional to investigate.

Discoloration in the water and pipes—Your pipes could be corroded if your water is yellow, green, or brown. White, green, and red hues indicate corrosion, rust, or a slow leak. Lines should be inspected twice yearly for discoloration, a sign of wear and tear.

Be sure to stay alert to signs of problems with your plumbing. You can avoid further or more extensive damage by paying attention to the signs early and calling a professional before the issues get worse or cause consequential damage.