Remember to Spruce Up Your Entire Property Prior to Selling Your House

When you’re getting ready to sell your house, it’s no wonder if most of your attention is focused on the building itself. However, the initial impression that the exterior gives people is one of the most important factors in determining whether you’ll get good offers. Because of this, you should pay attention not only to the house itself, but the rest of the property.

You Don’t Have to Go Wild with the Landscaping

There is no need to tear out all of the old landscaping unless it’s in terrible shape. You also don’t need to have an expensive new landscape put in. Instead, you should focus on making everything look tidy and healthy.

If any shrubs need pruning, have that done before the real estate pictures are taken, and keep up on the maintenance throughout the selling process. Also, remove any loose items that aren’t supposed to be part of the landscape. You may not consider things like kid’s toys to be junk, but to a prospect, they are clutter. Make sure everything is properly put away.

Ensure that the lawn is mowed as well, and that sidewalks and other hardscaping are clean. It may be worth it to have a pressure washing service come and treat these elements.

Remove any dead or clearly dying plants. Everything should look alive and healthy.

Remember Your Outbuildings

Even though outbuildings like sheds are usually in the backyard, serious prospects will walk all around the house. This will give them a view of your shed, doghouse, detached garage, or other such structure. If needed, repaint your outbuildings and replace any rotted boards.

Keep the Good Impression Going

Paying attention to the appearance of the property is just the start of creating the right impression. Be sure the outside of the house itself also has the paint it needs, and fix any quick issues like rotten boards there, too. Of course, the inside should also be in good shape. Fill in nail holes, repaint the interior walls if needed, and take up any seriously dirty carpeting.

These beautification efforts don’t have to be expensive or take that much time. Even so, doing them can make a world of difference for your house’s appeal.

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