Overcome These Obstacles to Selling Your Home

The decision to sell your home can be a difficult one. Maybe it’s where you raised your family. Or, you have other emotional ties that make it difficult.

Financial worries often add to the emotion that can make it challenging to move on. Yet, getting past the obstacles—real and imaginary—can often mean an improved financial picture, quality of life or both.

Here are some of the most common obstacles to selling a home and how to get past them:

You don’t want strangers or nosey neighbors in your home.

This was an issue for a lot of homeowners even before 2020 ushered in a pandemic. But there are solutions. You could list, but allow only virtual showings. You could also minimize the amount of foot traffic in your home by selling to a real estate investor instead.

You’re underwater.

If you’re worried you may owe more on your first and second mortgages than your home is worth, then this is not a good time to sell. But, stop guessing and get an accurate estimate of the market value of your home so you know where you stand. Then you can make an informed decision.

Repairs and maintenance will be costly.

While it’s true buyers pay top dollar for a move-in ready home, you can still sell even if you can’t afford a lot of repairs or updates. Rather than putting on a new roof, offer prospective buyers a specific allowance upfront. Or, list your home for sale “as is.” Another option? Avoid all or most repairs by selling to an investor.

No time.

We get it. Readying a home for market takes time, even when you have the cash. Break your to-do list into more doable chunks to keep from feeling overwhelmed. Get things done over the next several weeks rather than trying to finish everything in a weekend. If you don’t have the time to take even small steps toward readying your home for market, you may want to look for a cash buyer.

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