Kitchen Trends for 2023

Are you tired of facing another year looking at the same humdrum colors, designs, and surfaces in your kitchen? Do you feel materials need to be updated? Like others, you spend much time here prepping, cooking, and entertaining. Consider redecorating for the new year! Peruse the following kitchen design trends for 2023 that many designers are predicting or currently observing as popular. Let these invigorate your drive for change and help you decide what appeals to your needs, wants, and budget.

Bright colors versus neutral—Decadent and saturated colors for the walls and cabinetry, such as blue, green, red, and brown, have become preferred over gray and white. Also, vibrant patterns such as Art Deco are becoming the rage and layering with multiple colors such as two-toned cabinets and backsplashes. Statement lighting, instead of a subdued ambiance, is preferred to accent the environment further.

Mixing and matching countertops—It’s become customary to install different surfaces for practicality and diversity. For example, a marble counter for baking and a butcher block for preparation and serving. Granite is another option, yet it is becoming outdated and being replaced by quartzite and porcelain. These are preferred over speckled granite surfaces because of their subtlety and ease of keeping clean. Differing metals can be used side by side for an interesting contrast.

Open Space—The kitchen is becoming increasingly popular for entertainment, creating more demand for additional space for food preparation. Open shelving is being replaced with lower drawers, and walk-in pantries are preferred over bulky kitchen islands for out-of-the-way prep and clean-up. Alfresco kitchens with a neighboring vegetable and herb garden allow us to eat fresher in a natural setting. Those who cannot afford to expand their kitchens physically are getting creative by adding durable tables that can be used as countertops and for seating.

Sustainability—a desire for simpler times in a complicated world is creating a push for organic materials and efficient appliances. Surfaces made with brick, stone, patina, and rattan bring a sense of warmth and countrified living as opposed to the sleekness and sterility of steel and plastic. For that matter, wood cabinetry with artisan details is considered quaint and inviting again, as are curtains and other fabrics which add a soft contrast to harder elements. Smart appliances such as Wi-Fi-connected programmable cookers and induction ovens cook quickly and retain heat to save on energy costs.

Utilitarian yet stylish—Although there is a growing need for more practicality and earthiness in kitchen design, the desire for upscale style has not diminished. Plush, state-of-the-art appliances prominently displayed without the appearance of bulkiness and dysconnectivity have gained importance, such as with backless stoves and hidden electrical outlets.

You have options for redecorating your kitchen, and the design world is full of trending suggestions for the new year. Whether you go bright and bold, warm and rustic, or combine the two, you can find the perfect décor to re-design the kitchen of your dreams for 2023.


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