Foundation Cracks

Due to shifting soil, water issues, and normal settlement, most foundations will crack. There are different kinds of foundational cracks and varying causes. Once you understand the type of cracks you have and the underlying cause, you’ll be better able to repair them to protect your home.There are two basic types of foundational cracks. They […]

Roof Exposure and why it matters

The direction the front of your home faces will determine the amount of sunlight it receives which has an impact on many elements of your home. There are four types of exposures: Southern, Northern, Eastern, and Western. One is not necessarily better than the other but there are advantages and disadvantages to all.  Southern exposure—When […]

Candle Safety

Valentines Day means romance and nothing creates an air of romance more than candles. Although candles are great for creating warmth and romance, accidental ignition can lead to property damage, injury, or even death without proper adherence to fire safety. According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), thousands of home fires due to candle-burning […]

Signs of Plumbing Problems

It’s important to know how to tell when you have a plumbing problem so that you can address small issues before they become bigger ones. When pipes are left unchecked over time, some common occurrences are exuberant water bills, permanent water damage, the spread of harmful mold, and bursting pipes and sewer lines. The following […]

Exterior Home Hazards

Although we may pay attention to maintenance and safety needs inside the house, outside hazards such as falling tree limbs, mold, infestations, and foundation issues can get overlooked, leading to costly repairs and possible injury. Here are some common risks to look for and tips for keeping your exterior property safe. Wear and tear on […]